• Compact Plasma-Jet® Discharge Head

    The Compact Plasma-Jet® Discharge Head features a smaller and more compact discharge head design – 50% smaller than the standard design – which enables installation and operation in space-restricted applications.

    Compact Plasma-Jet®

  • Plasma-Jet

    For improved bonding of inks, adhesives, and coatings, our Plasma-Jet® treats plastic and metal products with greater application flexibility, surface coverage, and speed.


  • Pulsed-Plasma

    The NEW Corotec Pulsed-Plasma™ treating system is designed specifically for treating hard-to-reach surfaces of medical and other devices, such as the insides of the plastic hubs that hold hypodermic needles and dispensing nozzles, to allow superior adhesion of the hub to the nozzle.

    Pulsed-Plasma™ System