• Blown Film

    This system combines our leadership in technology with new levels of affordability. Easy to install, easy to use, easy to thread-up.

    Blown Film

  • CPT Series Power Supplies

    Processors who don’t need all the features of our other power supplies can get the same high-frequency/ high-efficiency performance as the HFT Series, and the same power ratings and compact size of the LCT Series, in a special low-priced unit.

    CPT Series Power Supplies

  • Digital Printing

    Known for their unprecedented ease of installation and use, the Uni-Dyne systems are ideal for digital printing applications and can give you great adhesion while eliminating delamination problems.

    Digital Printing

  • Treatment of PUR and PET foams requires specialized Corona treatment systems.  

    Foam Treaters

  • HFT Series Power Supplies

    With years of successful operation in a host of challenging applications, our HFT Series units deliver rated power into a wide range of electrode widths and configurations, as well as various dielectric materials and thicknesses. Constant output voltage and our Power Density Control System ensure precise, consistent treatment, regardless of web width, treat levels, line speeds, or materials.

    HFT Series Power Supplies

  • LCT-S

    Available in sizes from 1.0 kW to 10.0 kW, our new compact power supplies are so small that our new 10 kW unit is packaged in a cabinet that formerly housed our 1 kW power supply that’s ten times the power in the same size cabinet! Yet, they include many of the same features and deliver the same high-caliber performance as our larger HFT Series units.

    LCT Series Power Supplies

  • Narrow Web

    Corotec extends the advantages of full-size corona treating systems to the narrow web industry, with modular, bolt-on units for simple in-line installation on every pres.

    Narrow Web

  • Portable Sheet-Fed and Roll-to-Roll Treating System

    Corotec introduces a combination roll-to-roll and sheet-fed treating system with integral HFT-Series power supply, Power Density Control, and adjustable speed control, all pre-wired and mounted to a portable frame.

    Portable Treating System

  • Power Density Control System

    The Corotec Power Density Control System. Your full-time quality control expert. Consistent Corona Treating Levels Regardless of Changes in the Line Speed, Web Width, or Materials.

    Power Density Control System

  • Widesheet

    Fully self-contained Uni-Dyne corona discharge sheet treating systems are available in power ratings from 500-5000 watts. They include a speed-adjustable or fixed-speed drive system and are the latest in what has become a continuous flow of equipment innovations from Corotec Corporation.

    Sheet Treating System

  • Wide Web

    The new wide-web electrode eliminates problems of sagging and thermal expansion that can change the air gap between the electrode and material being treated, resulting in consistent treatment across the width of the material.

    Wide Web