• S-Type Power Supply Series

    The new S-Type Power Supply Series features an HMI touch screen display with data storage and communications capabilities, allowing it to integrate with the production line as well as upper level plant tracking and data storage.

    S-Type Power Supply Series

  • SmartStart™ Power Supply

    The SmartStart™ Power Supply is designed to allow power supply operation despite adverse conditions in the treating station – primarily excessive moisture or condensation.

    SmartStart™ Power Supply

  • FlexiDyne Universal Electrode Switch

    Corotec Uni-Dyne systems are easily configured to handle conventional, bare-roll, or convertible operations. The FlexiDyne Universal Electrode Switch comes standard on all of our convertible treating systems. It can be retrofitted to most existing Corotec equipment to allow simple toggling between bare-roll and conventional treating. This unique Corotec innovation allows for zero down-time job changeovers.

    Universal Electrode Switch

  • Versatile Electrode Designs
    First electrode with conventional, bare-roll and adjustable width capability in the same unit!


    Versatile Electrode Designs