• Cup and Specialty Product Treating Systems

    We are proud to introduce a complete family of cup treating systems capable of processing a wide variety of cups, tubes, and similar products at speeds of more than 600 products per minute, in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, configurations, and materials. Now you can print or decorate virtually any product or material using your choice of solvent-based, water-based, or uv-curable inks and coatings, without sacrificing line speed or product quality.

    Cup/Specialty Treating System

  • Portable Sheet-Fed and Roll-to-Roll Treating System

    Corotec introduces a combination roll-to-roll and sheet-fed treating system with integral HFT-Series power supply, Power Density Control, and adjustable speed control, all pre-wired and mounted to a portable frame.

    Portable Treating System

  • Tabletop Uni-Dyne RewindSheet Treating System

    Tabletop Uni-Dyne® Rewind/Sheet Treating System is a treating system that is capable of processing a wide variety of materials in both roll form as well as sheet-fed stock.

    Tabletop Uni-Dyne® System