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Corotec Expands and Enhances Customer Applications Evaluation Lab to Offer Advanced Testing Capabilities

Corotec Corporation recently completed an upgrade of its customer evaluation lab in Farmington, Connecticut, that incorporates new electrode configurations and treatment system concepts and processes. These important new enhancements will enable the Corotec lab staff to evaluate new substrate and surface treatment challenges facing potential customers. This will make it possible for Corotec to provide the information that customers need to make informed decisions about treatment solutions.

The lab now features treating systems with six different electrode configurations for processing both conductive and nonconductive webs and sheet samples. In addition, the Corotec lab now incorporates three new 3D treating system concepts for processing all types of 3D objects, including plastic cups and containers, and coated wire and cable samples.

These upgrades and enhancements will allow the lab to evaluate each customer sample based on its individual requirements, making it possible for Corotec to recommend the most effective and most efficient system design for the application in question. Treated samples can be returned directly to the customer so that they can confirm the recommended surface treatment approach is the most appropriate one.

“By incorporating these new capabilities, we?re ensuring that our applications testing lab is keeping pace with the extremely dynamic and changing world that our customers are facing every day,” according to Ron Seaman, vice president of sales for Corotec. “This allows us to offer our customers the best possible system component selection to fit their particular substrate and surface application parameters.”

About the Corotec Applications Testing Lab

The new sample evaluation lab includes a full complement of advanced testing and treating equipment and processes that provide and support an extensive range of evaluation capabilities. There are many systems available, including:

  • Covered-roll treating system with three different interchangeable electrode configurations for nonconductive substrates.
  • Two types of bare-roll treating systems ? fixed-width and fully segmented ? for processing both conductive and nonconductive substrates.
  • Double dielectric for processing foam products.
  • Sheet-treating system for sheet-stock samples for both conductive and nonconductive substrates.
  • Corotec Plasma-Jet® 3D treating system, with material conveying system.
  • Treating station featuring single-side convertible design, with external air-gap adjustments and dial-indicator air-gap readouts.
  • HFT-Series high-frequency, high-efficiency power supply.
  • Uni-Dyne® 1000-watt sheet treating system.
  • High-speed plastic cup and container treating system, capable of simulating surface treatment at index rates of 600 containers or more per minute.
  • Wire and cable jacket treating system for line speeds of 500 to 1,000 fpm or more.

The lab processes samples that have been sent in by customers. The lab evaluates the problem and devises a treatment solution, after which the treated samples may be returned to the customer for evaluation. Customers may also visit the lab to review equipment options and to evaluate for themselves the efficiency differences between conventional and bare roll, as well as the functional differences between fixed-width and fully segmented electrode designs.

“We do more than just test and evaluate samples from our customers,” said Seaman. “We give them the information and the knowledge they need to make the intelligent, informed decisions necessary for determining the best approaches and solutions for their particular treatment needs.”

Customers who are interested in sending samples to the lab for testing and evaluation, or who would like to visit the lab facilities, are welcome to contact Corotec directly to make arrangements.