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3D Treaters

Banner_Plasma-Jet®Do you have a product that needs superior bonding results? Are you looking for a safe and efficient way to treat hard-to-reach surfaces? If so, then you should consider using Corotec’s 3D Treaters.  3D treaters were designed to treat those products with curved or shaped surfaces, as well as flat surfaces.

Plasma treating is the latest and most excellent way to restore and improve the surface finish of parts. There are a few different types of plasma systems on the market, but they all in similar fashions. We’ll go through the many types of plasma jet treatment we offer and what each one can do for your company.

What are 3D treaters, and how do they work

According to Science Daily, plastics are non-bonding polymers that typically use adhesives or corrosive chemical treatments to connect them to various materials. This is where 3D treating systems are intended for, as an alternate to those methods.

Corona treatment employs a plasma discharge to alter the surface tension of the plastic, making it more responsive to adhesives, coatings, and inks. The outcome is a stronger link between the two materials. Corotec’s pulsed plasma technique is specifically intended for treating hard-to-reach surfaces of medical and other devices.

To generate a plasma discharge, plasma equipment utilizes electrical energy to ionize the air in the surrounding area. This discharge is then utilized to clean, etch, or alter the surface of a material. The method is frequently used to increase the adherence of coatings or inks to a substrate or to remove impurities from a surface. Plasma treatment can also be used to change the electrical characteristics of a material.

Advantages of using 3D Treaters

There are several advantages to using Corotec’s narrow press treating systems, including better bonding outcomes, space-saving design, and safe operation.

Plasma-Jet corona treatment eliminates the need for open flame treatment, chemical surface preparation, and sanding techniques. This typically results in a environmentally safer option as well as a more efficient option for treating surfaces that are difficult to reach.

In short, using Corotec’s treating systems is a great way to improve the bonding of your product while also being safe and efficient. If you’re looking for superior results, then plasma treating is the way to go.

The different types of 3D treaters Corotec offer

The following are three different types of 3D treaters Corotec offers.:

  • Pulsed-Plasma™ System. This system is designed specifically for treating hard-to-reach surfaces of medical and other devices, such as the insides of the plastic hubs that hold hypodermic needles and dispensing nozzles, to allow superior adhesion of the corner to the nozzle.
  • Plasma-Jet® Treatment System. This system is compact and features from 1 to 4 head output designs for treating larger areas, or passing the same product under multiple heads for better adhesion effects at faster speeds.
  • Compact Plasma-Jet®. This is the newest plasma jet treating system. It features a compact design with a smaller head output that makes it perfect for applications where space is limited.

No matter your needs, Corotec has a plasma treating system that will work for you. Our products are designed to be safe and efficient, and they offer superior results.

How businesses are using 3D treaters

There are many different ways businesses are using Corotec’s treating systems. Some of the most popular applications include:

  • Treating medical devices to allow for superior adhesion of coatings or inks
  • Removing contaminants from surfaces
  • Improving the electrical properties of materials
  • Modifying the surface of a material to improve its adhesion to a substrate

PMM notes that engineers sometimes use jet plasma treatments to fix problems with adhesion. This happens when traditional chemical adhesives can’t combine different materials or when a business wants to reduce the amount of chemical waste. Engineers also use plasma treatments to improve the electrical properties of materials.

Overall, businesses are using treating systems in a variety of ways. Whether you’re looking to improve the bonding of your product or fix a problem with adhesion, 3D treaters are sure to meet your needs.

We have the best 3D treaters that get the job done right every time

If you’re looking for a reliable, safe, and efficient way to treat surfaces, look no further than Corotec. Our plasma jet treating systems are the best on the market and offer superior results. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for your company.