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Corona Systems

Corona treating equipment improves the appearance and function of plastics, composites, and other non-conductive materials. Corona treaters use high-voltage, low-current electrical discharge to modify the surface of a material. 

Corona treatment is sometimes also referred to as air plasma. This process creates a thin layer of plasma on the material’s surface, which acts as a barrier between the material and its environment. 

Where is corona treatment used?

Corona treatment is a process that uses electrical energy to clean, coat, or otherwise modify the surface of an object. Corona treaters work by ionizing the air around the object that needs treatment, which produces a corona discharge. This discharge then creates charged particles that attach to the object’s surface.  

Corona treatment can be used for the following purposes: 

  • Cleaning and etching surfaces 
  • Improving paint adhesion 
  • Increasing wettability 
  • Make surfaces more durable and resistant to wear and tear 

Corona Systems at Corotec Corporation 

  • Wide web: The new wide-web electrode can fix issues of sagging and thermal expansion, which often causes an inconsistent air gap between the electrode and treatment of materials. 
  • Sheet treating system: The versatile drive system, along with the available sheet feeder and stacker, allows you to handle sheets automatically without needing an operator.  
  • Narrow web: Our compact narrow-web treaters offer operational and performance features similar to large systems, such as stepless output power control, output metering, operating status lights, and interlock terminals. 
  • LCT series power supplies: All of our power supplies offer the advantage of functioning at frequencies up to 40 kHz, which is much higher than what low-frequency systems are capable of. 
  • HFT-S series power supplies: Our systems create an efficient high-frequency/low-voltage corona to ensure high-quality surface treating and minimize downtime from dielectric failure, arc-over, or burn-through. 
  • Foam treaters: Corona treatment improves coating adhesion and prevents static build-up in foams. The process works by creating a thin plasma layer on the surface of the foam. 
  • Digital printing: Uni-Dyne systems are easy to install and use, making them perfect for digital printing. They also provide excellent adhesion while preventing delamination issues. 
  • Brown film: Corotec’s Blown Film system is both technologically advanced and budget-friendly. Install it easily, and use it with ease. Threading has never been more straightforward. 

Other systems we offer

Ozone generators and eliminators 

Ozone generators are devices that produce ozone, a gas that is composed of three oxygen atoms, often used as a disinfectant property. That’s why homes and businesses commonly use zone generators to improve air quality. In addition to its disinfectant properties, ozone can also improve laminate adhesion. 

3D Treaters 

3D Treaters is also known as plasma treaters. Plasma treatment is a process that uses plasma to modify the surface of a material. Plasma is a gas that has been ionized or excited to contain equal numbers of electrons and ions. 

Specialty systems  

  • Cup treaters: Corona surface treatment uses a corona discharge to modify the properties of the surface of the cup. 
  • Pinhole detection: Corona output detects a pinhole in a material by detecting an arc to the ground. 
  • Wire treating: The process uses a corona discharge to functionalize the wire’s surface, which helps improve the adhesion of inks and coatings. 
  • Sheet-treating application: Corona treatment can also enhance the printability of paper and other materials. The graphic arts industry often uses the process for coating, printing, and lamination applications. 
  • Hazardous environment/clean room specialty systems: Contamination-sensitive processes such as those found in the manufacture of semiconductors and integrated circuits (ICs) require pressurized systems that are also corona-treated. In these “clean room” applications, corona treatment is an alternative to plasma treatment where space limitations prohibit the use of a plasma system. 
  • Specialized gas plasma treating systems for exotic materials: Corona treating can also improve the wettability of hydrophobic materials, making them more receptive to printing or coating. 

High-quality corona treating equipment 

If you’re searching for a means to improve the aesthetic and performance of plastics, composites, and other non-conductive materials, you can rely on Corotec Corporation. 

We are a corona treater manufacturer offering high-quality corona treating equipment to meet your needs. Our products improve the overall look and feel of your materials and are also highly durable and easy to use. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.