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Case Studies

The following Case Studies are accounts of how our products and support have helped different companies improve their manufacturing processes.

Equipment Flexibility Extends to Surface Treaters

Excerpt: In the custom film extrusion business, you’ve got to be versatile. You’ve got to handle many different materials, produce a wide range of web widths and thicknesses, corona treat to high and low dyne levels, and deliver orders both big and small. And, you’ve got to do it all quickly and efficiently to stay competitive. At least that’s the way the plant manager at Atlantis Plastics, Mankato, Minn., sees it.
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Corotec’s Plasma-Jet® Solution Eliminates Solvent Problem for Printing on 3D Plastic Medical Devices

Excerpt: Corotec Corporation’s Plasma-Jet® corona treatment system is being used to solve the problem of printing usage instructions on plastic medical devices so that they will withstand damage from solvents used in the preparation of orthopedic compounds. These extremely aggressive solvents can quickly eat away and dissolve critical usage instructions printed on the device, causing the printing to become unreadable and making the device unfit for medical use.
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Corotec Corporation and Optimum Plastics Team Up to Manufacture Portable Corona Treatment System for Co-Extruded Blown Film

Excerpt: The co-extruded blown film market has historically been very price-driven. Companies trying to compete must be very discriminating in their pursuit of advanced technology in order to remain competitive. But, by working together as partners, Corotec Corporation, a corona treatment technology company, and Optimum Plastics, Inc., a co-extruded blown film manufacturer, were able to devise an economical way to deliver high-quality blown film products to Optimum’s customers while decreasing lead times.
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Corotec’s Corona Treatment Gives CCL Label, Inc. A Clear Advantage

Excerpt: Product and package designers alike are constantly pushing the envelope to command consumer market share. This in turn has put a great deal of pressure on package and label manufacturers. The process presents a host of marketing and technological challenges. Clear bottles can provide additional marketing opportunities since there are more available areas on which to print product information or additional graphics.
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