NoZone® Ozone Destruction | Corotec

NoZone® Ozone Destruction

The Corotec ozone destruction system effectively solves the problem of ozone leaks at poor connections thanks to its negative pressure air flow design.

The NoZone® ozone destruction system features an all-aluminum upright canister design, and employs a true catalytic reaction to destroy ozone molecules without degrading or depleting the catalyst in the process.

Unlike positive pressure units that require exotic high-pressure blowers due to a substantial pressure drop across the catalyst bed, the Corotec design utilizes a single off-the-shelf blower at the outlet side. Ozone-laden air is processed prior to contact with the blower which greatly extends blower life. The result is that the exhaust air contains less than 0.1 ppm of ozone.

NoZone systems incorporate filters on both the inlet and outlet, and an optional manometer allows continuous monitoring of air flow and filter condition.

Corotec Knows How to Treat Your Web

As supplier of a complete line of corona discharge surface treatment equipment and accessories, Corotec maintains a sample testing lab equipped with both conventional and bare-roll treating systems. If your particular application requires establishing the relationship of treatment level versus power density applied, we would welcome the opportunity to work with you.