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Compact Plasma-Jet®

Corotec Corporation has introduced a new line of Plasma-Jet® surface treatment systems for 3D parts. These new systems feature a smaller and more compact discharge head design – 50% smaller than the standard design – which enables installation and operation in space-restricted applications.

The new design moves the blower and filter assembly away from the discharge head and locates them inside the main cabinet. Not only does this save space where it is most critical, but it also reduces the need for periodic maintenance and cleaning of the filter assembly when operating in dirty environments.

Like the original line of Corotec Plasma-Jet® treaters, discharge heads are available in either plastic or ceramic on this new line, depending on the application and operating environment – ceramic discharge heads are typically used in the more harsh and dirty environments.

The original line of Corotec Plasma-Jet® systems will continue to be offered, with the new design simply extending the model lineup.

Existing Plasma-Jet® units can be upgraded to the new compact discharge head design. Contact us for details.