LC Series Ozone Generators

The Corotec liquid-cooled ozone generator is a self-contained mobile system that helps you coat and laminate with greater speed and success, even with previously incompatible materials.

Our liquid-cooled ozone generator is a self-contained mobile system that helps you coat and laminate with greater speed and success, even with previously incompatible materials.

LC Series Ozone Generators produce ozone for use as a pre-treatment in extrusion coating and laminating applications. The process consists of simply applying ozone to the web at the laminating or coating nip, which can increase bond strengths dramatically – typically doubling or tripling those experienced without ozone treatment.

When ozone treatment is used, production speeds can be substantially increased without resorting to bonding agents, adhesives, solvents, or primers. In fact, ozone treatment is the ideal solution for every type of extrusion coating and laminating application, including:

  • Paperboard/polyethylene extrusion laminating.
  • Foam/vinyl laminating for automotive trim and other applications.
  • Pressure laminating of decorative films on consumer products.
  • Laminating of other difficult materials onto paper, vinyl, or foam.

Have Demo, Will Travel

A portable, hand-carried ozone generator that can evaluate potential applications – right on your existing processing line! We will gladly arrange a no-obligation demo that will show you, in five minutes, the remarkable benefits of ozone treatment.

Our ozone generators can improve your process, dramatically reduce waste, and simplify your entire coating/laminating operation. We’ll prove it – right in your plant. Call 1-800-423-0348 to arrange a demonstration on your production line!

System Components

Our ozone generator is a self-contained, mobile system that includes provisions for fresh air supply and control, a closed-loop recirculating cooling system, a high-frequency power supply, a proprietary ozone reactor chamber, and an applicator assembly. The power supply used in the system is our high-frequency, solid state, HFT-Series design. This design has been widely accepted and highly successful for many years as the primary choice for surface treating applications, offering quiet operation at low voltage levels for increased safety and reliability. The ozone reactor chamber is a proprietary design consisting of a stainless steel outer jacket that encloses a special dielectric tube. The ozone reactor chamber does not rely on process air for adequate cooling, eliminating the problems associated with competitive designs that can overheat and jeopardize ozone output at low airflow settings. Of course, the system is interlocked for operator safety and reliability, including both air and water pressure switches to prevent operation without proper cooling.

Operating Principle

Our ozone generator converts atmospheric oxygen into ozone by exposing it to a high-voltage electrical discharge, which separates the oxygen molecules into their atomic form, allowing them to recombine as ozone molecules. The ozone gas is then delivered to the production process using an applicator tube that is configured to suit the coating machine. Both the airflow and the power supply output can be adjusted to fine-tune the ozone concentration to process requirements. Once the system has been properly adjusted to the production requirements, all of the ozone produced is consumed by the process.

The remarkable success of ozone treatment is due to the highly reactive nature of ozone molecules. When ozone comes in contact with a molten extrudate, the ozone molecules link up with the polymer chains on the surface of the extrudate, resulting in a higher surface energy level that is much more receptive to chemical bonds during coating or laminating.

Application Assistance

We offer full-sized production trial units for testing and evaluation on your production line. If your application is typical of what our other customers have experienced, you’ll see an immediate increase in product quality and production speed sufficient for the equipment to pay for itself in virtually no time at all.

In addition, incompatible materials that will not normally bond together effectively – even when a primer is used – will often become good laminating partners with ozone treatment!

Corotec Knows How to Treat Your Web

As supplier of a complete line of corona discharge treatment equipment we maintain a sample testing lab equipped with both conventional and bare-roll treating systems. If your particular application requires establishing the relationship of treatment level versus power density applied we would welcome the opportunity to work with you.


Model No. LC-2000 LC-5000
KW Rating 2.0 5.0
Electrical Input 240V 15A 60 Hz 1p 230V 15A 60 Hz 3p
Output 40 CFM 100 CFM