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Wide Web Corona Treater


Manufacturers use Wide Web Corona Treating Equipment to improve the adhesive properties of paper, plastics, and metals to allow inks, coatings, laminations, or layers to bond securely when they otherwise would not. A complete corona treatment system from Corotec includes three key components:

  • Power Supply with Integrated HMI and High-Voltage Transformer – As the name implies, the power supply delivers electricity to a high-voltage transformer, where the power is amplified and passed to the corona treat station to generate a high-frequency corona discharge. The power supply is available from 500w up to 40kW and includes a built-in human-machine interface (HMI) that enables the corona system to fully automate and integrate into any corona treatment process – while also serving as a central control station to regulate every step of the process.
  • Corona Treat Station – An electrode (or series of electrodes) is mounted to end plates inside the corona treat station enclosure, equally spaced above a grounded roll. The corona field is produced in the air gap between the electrode(s) and grounded roll as the material passes through. Idler rolls control the web as it enters and leaves the treat station.
  • Exhaust Blower – Ozone generated by the corona field is removed by the exhaust blower and maintains thermal stability in the electrodes and treat rolls.

At Corotec, we create Wide Web Corona Treating Equipment that can be customized for virtually any need, up to 160 inches wide. Our engineering team will understand your product—size and type of material to be treated, line speed, manufacturing environment, desired level of automation, and final use—to deliver a corona treating system unique to your application. So, wherever you need to laminate, sterilize, or securely bond layers of fabric, padded material, or plastic, we can deliver a wide web corona treater that achieves and retains the properties you want to impart.

We also support our customers’ objectives to run an efficient, cost-effective operation. Corotec’s segmented and profiled electrode options help minimize waste. Our profiled electrode design follows the curve of the roll to transfer the corona field evenly and efficiently over the entire edge of the material. With our segmented electrode, you have the flexibility to use the full length or a portion of the electrode, depending on the size of the material you’re treating. Its smart design supports your bottom line.

Why Wide Web?

As a material’s width increases, consistently treating the entire surface becomes a challenge. Corotec’s Wide Web Corona Treating Systems begin at 30 inches and are designed to eliminate sagging webs and thermal expansion that can alter the air gap between the electrode and material. Our segmented electrode designs moves freely within the system. Expanding or contracting to match the web size ensures stability and maintains a consistent air gap, ensuring a constant, evenly distributed corona field across the entire treatment surface.

Features and Benefits

  • Power supply with intelligent HMI and ethernet communication provides central access to monitor and control operations.
  • Segmented, or profiled, electrode options allow you to adjust the size of the electrode to ensure consistent corona treatment across the entire material, no matter what you’re treating.
  • Pneumatic lift mechanisms simplify the thread-up process, making it easier for the operator to maneuver web material into place on the line more efficiently, accurately, and safely.
  • Drawer-type electrodes make it easier to change electrodes, whether to perform routine maintenance or to swap electrodes on the fly to ensure effective treatment of a different material.
  • Jump feature for splice pass-through opens the gap between the electrode and web allowing a splice to pass through while the press continues to run at speed, preventing potential damage and unusable product.