Corotec Introduces New Family of Fixed-Width, Bare-Roll Corona Treatment Systems | Corotec

Corotec Introduces New Family of Fixed-Width, Bare-Roll Corona Treatment Systems

Corotec Corporation introduces the latest in its new family of fixed-width bare-roll corona treatment system designs for the narrow-web processor.

These systems feature Corotec’s new electrode design, which is capable of delivering much higher power densities to the web than competitive designs due to unique HVC cooling architecture. Systems are available in single and double-side treating configurations and can be ordered with an integral power supply (the Corotec Uni-Dyne® system configuration), or a separate power supply. Uni-Dyne® configurations are available with power ratings from 500 watts to 5,000 watts, while systems with a separate power supply have no power limitation.

All systems include Corotec’’s unique instant speed switch protection to automate treating system start-up with the machine, while reducing untreated material to an absolute minimum. All configurations can include an integral power density control system and automatic exhaust blower control. For added convenience, all systems can be supplied customized to “bolt on” to the customer’s existing press, saving installation headaches.

Corotec’s economical blown film corona treating system is designed specifically for this market, and features an open-frame design for easy access, two-sided corona treatment capability, swing-out electrode assemblies for easy cleaning, pneumatic operation for drop-through thread-up, fixed-width or width-adjustable treatment for easy setup, and external air gap adjusters for “tool-free” calibration. Unique Track-Free insulators minimize cleaning requirements as well.

Corotec designs and manufactures a complete line of standard and custom corona discharge surface treating equipment of narrow web and wide web applications, systems for controlled atmosphere testing, ozone generators for coating and laminating processes, and other advanced applications.