Corotec Introduces New Uni-Dyne® Feature That Allows For Fast, Easy Electrode Cleaning And Job Changeover | Corotec

Corotec Introduces New Uni-Dyne® Feature That Allows For Fast, Easy Electrode Cleaning And Job Changeover

Corotec Corporation introduces our Uni-Dyne® concept corona treating system with its new removable electrode cartridge designed specifically for narrow-web converters. The new feature allows for fast and simple removal, cleaning, and replacement of the electrode assemblies, significantly minimizing maintenance and downtime.

Narrow-web processors looking for simplicity will be interested in our Uni-Dyne concept. It is the first narrow-web corona treating system to incorporate a fully integrated high performance power supply, treating station, and power density control into a single, compact, self-contained unit. Clean, simple, and efficient installation translates into significant cost savings from day one. Customers need only to remove the machine from the box, connect their ozone exhaust and incoming power, and begin operation.

The latest feature of Corotec’s Uni-Dyne® narrow web treater, the removable electrode cartridge with a pull out handle, allows the entire electrode assembly to be removed in seconds for cleaning. The open design of the cartridge itself allows excellent access for thorough cleaning. Customers can keep spare cartridges on hand and even have different electrode configurations for different treating applications if desired. This feature dramatically reduces downtime – when the cartridge in the treater needs cleaning, it is out with the old and in with the new.

Easier to clean electrodes and replacement cartridges provide unprecedented simplicity for customers and are especially advantageous to those operating in excessively humid environments where electrode maintenance is more frequent. Corotec’s new electrode cartridge design is available in fixed-width conventional or bare-roll configurations. It is also available as a retrofit for most existing Uni-Dyne® and component-based narrow-web systems.

An added bonus to the new Uni-Dyne® electrode cartridge design is that it allows for better cooling of the electrodes. Because more power can be applied into the same amount of space, a higher power density can be achieved, and this translates to higher line speeds.

Corotec designs and manufactures a complete line of standard and custom corona discharge surface treating equipment of narrow web and wide web applications, systems for controlled atmosphere testing, ozone generators for coating and laminating processes, and other advanced applications.