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New Modular Ozone Generator From Corotec Corporation Designed For Reliability, Portability

Corotec Corporation has introduced a new line of modular ozone generators for use on extrusion coating and laminating lines to improve the adhesion of the laminate and allow increased production speeds. These generators apply ozone to the web at the laminating or coating nip, which can increase bond strengths dramatically, typically doubling or tripling those experienced without ozone treatment.

When ozone treatment is used, production speeds can be substantially increased without resorting to bonding agents, adhesives, solvents, or primers. In fact, ozone treatment is the ideal solution for every type of extrusion coating and laminating application, including:

  • Paperboard/polyethylene extrusion laminating.
  • Foam/vinyl laminating for automotive trim and other applications.
  • Pressure laminating of decorative films on consumer products.
  • Laminating of other difficult materials onto paper, vinyl, or foam.

The new Corotec modular ozone generator is designed to isolate the ozone generating portion of the system from all other components in order to minimize the possibility of corrosion due to ozone leaks from the reactor. The ozone reactor itself has also been redesigned and upgraded and utilizes ceramic-coated components for corrosion resistance and long life.

New Modular Design Allows System to be Easily Transported From Line to Line

The power supply, ozone reactor, and cooling system components in this self-contained system have all been separated from each other, enclosed in their own cabinets, and mounted to a portable, steel-frame cart which can be easily moved from line to line in installations where this is a requirement. This flexibility of design can provide substantial cost savings since a single system can be utilized on more than one production line.

Two models are available; the LC-2000M – a 2 kW 30 CFM system, and the LC-5000M – a 5 kW 60 CFM system which utilizes a unique, dual-chamber ozone reactor. Both systems employ high performance regenerative blowers for ozone reactor air supply and closed-circuit water-to-air cooling systems so that reactor cooling is not a function of process air flow.

Power for both systems is supplied by a Corotec CPT-Series solid-state, high frequency, high efficiency power supply.

Try Before You Buy

Like all Corotec products, this new modular ozone generator is available on a “try before you buy” basis. Corotec offers customers the opportunity to evaluate virtually any Corotec product or accessory in their plant, on their application, and with their materials.

Corotec utilizes a portable, hand-carried ozone generator for use in testing existing applications, and will gladly arrange a no-obligation demonstration of ozone generation on an existing processing line. This demonstration will show the benefits of ozone treatment, including greatly improving bond strength, dramatically reducing waste, and increasing production speed by simplifying the entire coating/laminating operation.

In addition to ozone generating systems, Corotec designs and manufactures a complete line of standard and custom corona discharge surface treating equipment of narrow web and wide web applications, PlasmaJet® systems for treating 3D surfaces, systems for controlled atmosphere testing, and other advanced applications.