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Narrow Web Corona Treater

Corotec Corporation is an industry expert when it comes to corona-treating equipment. We manufacture a broad range of corona products, including specially designed treaters for narrow webs, wide webs, sheet treating systems, ozone destruction units, ozone generators, plasma jets, unwind-rewind stations, and more.  

Our systems are matched with power supplies and power density controllers to assure reliable and economic performance under the most demanding production requirements. 

What is a narrow web corona treatment? 

Web production on materials typically smaller than 30’ in width are considered narrow web applications.  Corotec narrow web treaters provide much of the same functionality as wider web treaters, however, are all packaged into one standalone unit ready to mount to any press on the market.  With corona treatment, plastic films, foils, and paper are produced with a higher surface energy, thereby improving the wettability and adhesion of inks, coatings, and adhesives.  

These units run off standard power outlets and contain their own press speed measurements which result in a plug and play system.  The power supply is integrated eliminating the need to another home for it and is automatically adjusted with press speeds resulting in consistent dyne levels regardless of speed changes. Further, these units can run both non-conductive and conductive materials in the same unit, with the correct type of electrode to obtain the highest efficiency levels possible.  Using one style electrode for everything is not always the best solution for the product.  

The compact narrow-web treaters have large-system capabilities like stepless output power control, output metering, operating status lights, and interlock for automatic start-stop and power control functions. The high-voltage transformer is located directly on the end plate, eliminating the need for special high-voltage wires, and provides adjustable taps for load matching. This results in flexibility for the range of products that you can run on your press.  Future product expansion is not a problem! 

Benefits of narrow web corona treatment 

Corona treatment increases the wettability to the surface of the material through a low temperature corona discharge.  Benefits of using corona or plasma treatment include:   

  • Materials typically will not shrink, warp, scrape, or catch fire 
  • A cost-effective, easy-to-integrate system for increasing surface tension in web applications. 
  • No chemicals are used in the process making it an environmentally sound option. 
  • Adaptable to most applications, the corona surface treatment has a diverse range of applications 
  • Suitable for high-speed printing presses, blown film production, and extrusion coating 

How does narrow web corona treatment work? 

Inks, coatings, and adhesives will adhere better to plastic films, foils, and paper when treated with a corona treatment system, which increases the surface energy of those materials. The treated materials will exhibit better printing, coating quality, and lamination strength. Here’s how it works 

  • A power supply and a high-voltage transformer and a Corona discharge device integrate with a printing pres. The device is built with a cabinet housing an onboard power supply. Depending on the press size, a rear-end plate and a front-end plate are used for mechanically containing and mounting the corona treater.  
  • An electrode or series of electrodes are mounted to the end plates and gapped to an equal spacing just above a grounded treat roll where the material is passed.  
  • Two idler rolls, are used to control concentrate the web at making a 180 degree wrap around the treat roll.  
  • The corona field is produced in the air gap between the electrode and grounded roll, covering and treating the surface of the material as it passes through this area.   

Corotec’s Narrow Web Corona Treatment 

Corotec provides narrow web treatment systems as part of our Corona treatment program. With our Uni-Dyne® narrow-web system, installation and use have never been easier. With corona treatment equipment, everything is already done for you – just bolt it in place and turn it on.  

Corona treating systems can now be installed on narrow-web presses more conveniently than ever before. In addition, the Uni-Dyne system can be provided with our Power Density Control system already installed in the power supply module. In one easy-to-install, compact package, the innovative Uni-Dyne system gives you all the features and options you want. 

With our expertise in narrow web Corona treatment, we can help you 

Our team at Corotec Corporation is glad to discuss our systems and how they could benefit your business. We’ve been in the industry since 1986 and have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with the best possible solution for your needs. Contact us today if you are looking for a narrow web corona treater that can help improve your product quality and increase production.  

Tech Specs

Model No. HFT-5 HFT-10 HFT-20
KW Rating 0.5 1 2
Volts * 120 120 240
Amps 6 11 11
PH 1 1 1
Freq. 50/60 50/60 50/60
Volts 100 100 200
Amps 17 35 35
PH 1 1 1
Freq. 30kHz 30kHz 30kHz
Pwr Supply 17H-15W-9D 20H-16W-8D 20H-16W-8D
HVT 9H-11W-9D 9H-11W-9D 12H-13W-14D
Pwr Supply 30 lbs 40 lbs 40 lbs
HVT 40 lbs 40 lbs 70 lbs


Bolt-On Retrofit Kits We supply complete field installation kits designed with your press, your installation ease, and your operating convenience in mind. Brackets and adapters are furnished for quick bolt-on addition of the treating station to any make and model of press. We can even supply the wire you need for power and control connections to the treater. Each station is engineered to integrate smoothly into its appropriate system, taking minimum space in an upstream, in-line position on your press.

Other input voltages can be accommodated.


  • Nozone® ozone destruction systems.
  • Dyne level test inks and pens.
  • Power Density Control assures optimum dyne level regardless of line speed.
  • Auto start/zero speed switch synchronizes treater operation with your press.