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Power Density Control System

Our Power Density Control System should not be confused with simple proportional speed control systems that are only able to compensate for changes in line speed. This system eliminates the need for complex graphics and charts when new materials are set up, or widths and line speeds are changed. It is only necessary for the operator to dial in the web width and the power density requirement for the material and treatment level desired, since speed feedback is automatically provided via the on-line tachometer supplied with the system. Our Power Density Control will then automatically adjust the output of the power supply to deliver the treatment level desired.

The treatment level attained on any given material is a function of energy applied per unit area, and it is commonly referred to as the power density requirement in watts per square foot per minute. Once a power density requirement is established for a particular material and treatment level, the same treatment level will always result as long as the power density is held constant, which is exactly how our Power Density Control System functions.

Optimum Product Quality – Without Guesswork


  • Digital meter to monitor width, speed, density, and power
  • Ten-turn controls for width and density input
  • Heavy-duty speed feedback assembly
  • State-of-the-art electronics
  • Can be retrofitted to virtually any existing power supply
  • Uses standard 120 vac input power

Corotec Knows How to Treat Your Web

As the supplier of a complete line of corona discharge treating equipment, we maintain a sample testing lab equipped with both conventional and bare-roll treating systems. If your particular application requires establishing the relationship of treatment level versus power density applied, we would welcome the opportunity to work with you.

Tech Specs

WIDTH Adjustable in .1 inch increments via the WIDTH control.
DENSITY Adjustable in .01 or .1 watts/ft2/minute increments via the DENSITY control, depending on unit.
SPEED Displayed in feet per minute as sensed by the on-line tachometer.
POWER Power requirement based on the previous levels, displayed in .01 or .1 kW increments, depending on unit.