S-Type Power Supply Series | Corotec

S-Type Power Supply Series

Corotec S-Type Power Supply Includes Smart Capabilities

Corotec introduces the S-Type power supply series featuring smart capabilities and expanded functions. The new power supply line features an HMI touch screen display with data storage and communications capabilities, allowing it to integrate with the production line as well as upper level plant tracking and data storage.

Features include a 5.7-in color touch-screen display allowing the operator to make digital power adjustments while displaying real time operational parameters.


  • Real time power output trending to allow the operator to review abnormalities that may have occurred during the treatment process.
  • Built in alarm function to indicate if a loss of treatment has occurred which reduces the chance of running scrap material.
  • Built in manuals for quick and convenient access to information right from the HMI panel. Never search for a lost manual again!
  • A Power Density Control option to provide the operator with precise control of the power density [watt-rate] applied to the material can also be incorporated. Now you can maintain consistent treatment levels regardless of changes in material, width, number of sides treated, and production speed.

The new S-Type digital power supply control is an optional upgrade for our LCT Series and HFT Series Power Supplies – proven and reliable designs for a broad range of corona treating applications.