Sheet Treating System

Fully self-contained Uni-Dyne corona discharge sheet treating systems are available in power ratings from 500-5000 watts. They include a speed-adjustable or fixed-speed drive system and are the latest in what has become a continuous flow of equipment innovations from Corotec Corporation.


Sheet Treater with Feeder and Stacker Package

Designed for automated, off-line/stand-alone sheet treating applications including a sheet feeder and/or sheet stacker is required.  This eliminates the need requiring an operator to hand feed sheets into the corona treater as well as collect and stack them.  Automating this streamlines the individual sheet treatment process.

Available on all Corotec sheet treater models. Maximum sheet size is 32”wide by 50” long

Standard Feeder features include:

  • Vacuum drum front edge separation (adjustable blower) with adjustable sheet gap feeding.
  • Vacuum and blow pumps included
  • 26-inch load height capacity
  • Rear and side loading capabilities via castor roll dollies.
  • Variable DC drive
  • Corotec corona treaters from 500W up to 5KW as standard

Standard Stacker features include:

  • 26inch load height capacity
  • On demand jogging on 3 sides
  • Timed air assist for sheet flotation
  • Auto and manual descending hoist features
  • Wheeled dolly unloading
  • Variable speed controlled in-feed nip

The Corotec off-line integrated sheet treatment package is a reasonably priced solution when standard in-line sheet treater integrated is not possible due to space constraints. Perfect for sheet fed printing, coating and laminating applications!

Sheet Treater – Stand Alone Unit

Our highly successful Uni-Dyne® system design concept has recently been applied to our existing line of sheet treating systems. The result is a series of compact sheet treaters that are easy to install and operate – the new Uni-Dyne® Sheet Treating systems from Corotec!

Uni-Dyne® Sheet Treating systems are supplied with all the electrical connections pre-wired at the factory, so installation requires only the selection of a location and input power and ozone exhaust connections – that’s it! Models rated at 1 kW or less can simply be plugged into a standard 120-volt outlet, so there are virtually no electrical installation requirements. Uni-Dyne® Sheet Treating systems are available with either fixed-speed or variable-speed drives, and the systems can be designed to treat materials up to 48 inches wide or more. Uni-Dyne® Sheet Treating systems are supplied with an infeed and an outfeed table and include an adjustable sheet guide on the infeed to ensure consistent treatment results.

These systems are ideally suited for either in-line sheet-fed processes or tabletop laboratory environments where a wide variety of materials must be tested and evaluated.