Unwind-Rewind System | Corotec

Unwind-Rewind System

Corotec’s newly developed Unwind-Rewind System combines the leading technology of its Narrow-Web Corona Treater and Ozone Destruct System into a fully integrated station with unwind and rewind controls. This fully customizable system allow operators to adjust parameters on the fly with the integrated control screen display and/or manual controls conveniently positioned throughout the system. With Corotec’s Power Density Control (PDC) in operation, this system will automatically adjust the output of the power supply to deliver the treatment level desired – giving you confidence in the product you deliver to your customer for each run.


  • Power Density Control
  • Automatic Speed Control
  • Integrated Corona Station
  • Entire Closed Loop Control System
  • Easy Thread-Up
  • Web-In Sensor
  • Automatic Measure of Roll Diameter
  • Full Separate Tension Control