Versatile Electrode Designs | Corotec

Versatile Electrode Designs

At Corotec, we design corona treating systems to meet your specific needs. We perform comprehensive lab testing of your material which enables us to recommend an electrode design that will ensure optimum performance, right out of the box. See below for our electrode options and contact us for more information.

Bare Electrode – Covered Roll

  • Efficient treatment of challenging materials such as PP,PE, Vinyls.
  • Highest corona watt density delivered per power supply power output.
  • Easy to clean and replace silicone sleeve dielectric roll covering.
  • Rugged electrode design for the most demanding manufacturing plant environments and corona treatment applications.

Segmented Electrode – Adjustable Length

  • All the same features as above.
  • Segmented electrode allows for variable treat widths and lane treatment on non-conductive materials.
  • Teflon coating ensures segmentation feature lasts for years.
  • Change varying treat widths in less than a minute.
  • Snap in place segments ensure segments maintain proper air gap across the electrode.

Segmented Ceramic Electrode – Adjustable Length

  • The only segmented ceramic electrode on the market allowing for adjustable treatment widths on both Conductive and non-conductive materials.
  • Electrode can be retrofitted into many existing Corotec corona systems.
  • Comes in our “Flexidyne Electrode” patented design which includes both a segmented metal electrode for harder to treat materials, and a segment ceramic electrode on the flip side for treatment of both conductive and non-conductive materials.

Fixed Length Ceramic Electrode

  • The industry standard for corona treatment of conductive materials
  • Available in treatment widths from 1 inch to over 84 inches
  • Both narrow web and wide web slide out cassette designs
  • Corotec slide out ceramic cassettes allow for ease of operation and maintenance. Simply slide out the cassette to clean and maintain.