Corotec Introduces Powerful Corona Treating Solutions to the Converting Industry | Corotec

Corotec Introduces Powerful Corona Treating Solutions to the Converting Industry

Corotec Corporation, a long-recognized leader in corona treating equipment and applications technology, has expanded its product line and has introduced several new corona treating solutions to the converting industry.

Corotec introduces its new Uni-Dyne® treating system for wide-web applications an application-specific, blown film, corona discharge treatment system and its new SmartStart® microprocessor-based power supply control system.

“Today’s converter requires an experienced technical partner who understands and can work with the complex variety of materials and converting techniques currently in use that can create surface adhesion challenges,” said Bruce Stobbe, president of Corotec Corporation. “At Corotec, we’ve designed our Uni-Dyne wide-web and application-specific blown film treating systems, as well as the new SmartStart microprocessor-based power supply control system, to address specific concerns, needs, and requirements that were brought to us by the converting industry.”

Uni-Dyne Expanded to Wide-Web Applications

The Uni-Dyne wide-web treating system is an easy-to-install and simple-to-maintain treating system that offers powerful performance. A unique electrode system has been designed to accommodate thermal expansion and improve treatment consistency by eliminating the problems associated with changes in the air gap between the electrode and the material that is being treated. This provides a more consistent treatment across the width of the material.

The self-contained design concept of the Uni-Dyne series cuts installation to a fraction of the time (and cost) usually required by other corona treatment systems. In fact, Corotec customers typically report that their Uni-Dyne systems are up and running almost as soon as they are out of the box.

Blown Film Breakthrough

Corotec Corporation’s new blown film corona discharge treatment system is a major breakthrough for the blown film marketplace. This innovative system was designed from the ground up to meet customer requirements. It is an affordable, superior-quality system that is accessible to virtually any blown film operation.

This exciting new system features an open-frame design for easy access, two-sided corona treatment capacity, swing-out electrode assemblies for simpler cleaning, pneumatic operation for drop-through thread-up, fixed-width treatment for easy set-up, and external air gap adjusters for “tool-free” calibration. In addition, Corotec’s unique Track-Free insulators minimize cleaning requirements.

SmartStart Provides Advanced Power Supply Start-Up Control

The Corotec SmartStart power supply start-up control is designed to allow power supply operation despite adverse conditions in the treating station primarily excessive moisture or condensation. It is designed to not only enable the power supply to start, but also to gradually increase power in order to evaporate moisture from the treating station and ultimately permit normal operation.

Corotec’s SmartStart has the programmed intelligence to make adjustments in the output power of the power supply and to monitor whether or not a fault occurs. If a fault is encountered, the SmartStart system will make correction iterations until the maximum output of the power supply can be achieved. Corotec’s SmartStart can be disabled at any time during operation, and control will be returned to the operator.

Try Before You Buy

Corotec Corporation has significantly extended its global presence with the addition of a network of overseas and U.S. representatives. Corotec’s advanced products and services are more accessible than ever before in the world marketplace.

In its efforts to increase accessibility to its customers, Corotec Corporation has implemented an unprecedented “Try Before You Buy” program. Because even the most affordable corona treatment system represents a substantial capital investment, Corotec now offers its customers the opportunity to evaluate virtually any Corotec product or accessory in their own plant, on their own application, and with their own materials. It is a unique opportunity to try the industry’s best and most advanced corona treating equipment for narrow-web, wide-web, blown film, 3D parts, or sheet applications.

Corotec Corporation designs and manufactures a complete line of standard and custom corona discharge surface treating equipment for narrow-web and wide-web applications, systems for controlled atmosphere testing, ozone generators for coating and laminating processes, and many other advanced applications.