New Organization, New Management, New Branding: Corotec Corporation Joins Inductotherm Group of Companies | Corotec

New Organization, New Management, New Branding: Corotec Corporation Joins Inductotherm Group of Companies

Corotec Corporation, an industry leading manufacturer of corona treating systems for surface treatment applications, has become part of the Inductotherm Group of companies.  Corotec joined the Inductotherm Group as of January 1, 2022.

Inductotherm Group leads the industry in the development and manufacturing of advanced technologies, products, and systems for the heat-driven transformation of metals and specialty materials. Inductotherm is a global organization, with 40 full-service companies structured to provide localized manufacturing, engineering, service, and support in every region of the world. 

As part of this development, Corotec has moved its headquarters from its former location in Farmington, CT to Thermatool Corporation’s facility in East Haven, CT.  With this move, Corotec is now integrated into an over 80,000 square foot facility with worldwide sales, service, design, machining, and assembly expertise.

New Management

Tom Ignatowski has been named Corotec’s new President.  Tom, a veteran employee of Thermatool, originally took over managing Corotec after its former President, Bruce Stobbe, retired in 2018. Tom has over 30 years of experience in the industry and is a specialist in designing and producing power supplies. 

“Corotec is striving to always be a company that is easy to work with,” said Ignatowski.  “We want customers to know that we are available when assistance is needed.  Our job is to help our customers make their products more efficiently and experience less downtime.”  

Key initiatives at Corotec include increasing stock of corona treating units, building the company’s design expertise to develop systems for specialized applications, and supplying ‘try before you buy’ rental units for trial tests as well as short term production runs, said Ignatowski.   

Joining Inductotherm is good news for Corotec’s customers, he said.  “Our new company organization greatly expands Corotec’s service footprint and provides us with locations globally for more and better customer service,” he said.  “We already have drawn upon the Inductotherm network for customer support throughout the world, including Canada, Europe and Asia.” 

New Logo and Branding

As part of the company’s new organization, Corotec has introduced a new logo and branding.  “Our new logo provides a modern look for Corotec, and shows consistency with the Inductotherm family of companies,” said Brad Eichner, Manager – Marketing and Customer Engagement at Thermatool Corporation.  Effective immediately, the new Corotec logo will appear on all company advertising and correspondence.