You Set the Specs, We Deliver the Solution!

Corotec manufactures a complete line of corona treatment equipment and accessories designed to handle virtually any surface treatment application or requirement. Our Uni-Dyne® concept has significantly simplified the installation, operation, and maintenance of both narrow-web and medium-web systems by combining an entire corona treating system into a single, easy to install package. Our Plasma-Jet® line of 3D plasma treatment systems are used in applications ranging from industrial to automotive to medical, and they are also very easy to install and operate. Accessories such as automatic Power Density Control and Nozone® ozone destruction systems enhance product consistency and reliability while minimizing environmental impact.

At Corotec, we’ll help you get a jump on the competition with innovative solutions designed, manufactured, and tested to your specifications. Our rigorous and continuing R&D efforts turn fresh thinking and bold ideas into products that set the industry standard in corona discharge surface treatment technology. So bring us your surface treating challenges – and watch us leap into action.

  • This system combines our leadership in technology with new levels of affordability. Easy to install, easy to use, easy to thread-up.

    Blown Film

  • Compact Plasma-Jet® Discharge Head

    The Compact Plasma-Jet® Discharge Head features a smaller and more compact discharge head design – 50% smaller than the standard design – which enables installation and operation in space-restricted applications.

    Compact Plasma-Jet®

  • Cup and Specialty Product Treating Systems

    We are proud to introduce a complete family of cup treating systems capable of processing a wide variety of cups, tubes, and similar products at speeds of more than 600 products per minute, in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, configurations, and materials. Now you can print or decorate virtually any product or material using your choice of solvent-based, water-based, or uv-curable inks and coatings, without sacrificing line speed or product quality.

    Cup/Specialty Treating System

  • Digital Printing

    Known for their unprecedented ease of installation and use, the Uni-Dyne systems are ideal for digital printing applications and can give you great adhesion while eliminating delamination problems.

    Digital Printing

  • Treatment of PUR and PET foams requires specialized Corona treatment systems.  

    Foam Treaters

  • HFT-S

    With years of successful operation in a host of challenging applications, our HFT-S Series units deliver rated power into a wide range of electrode widths and configurations, as well as various dielectric materials and thicknesses. Constant output voltage and our Power Density Control System ensure precise, consistent treatment, regardless of web width, treat levels, line speeds, or materials.

    HFT-S Series Power Supplies

  • LC Series Ozone Generators

    The Corotec liquid-cooled ozone generator is a self-contained mobile system that helps you coat and laminate with greater speed and success, even with previously incompatible materials.

    LC Series Ozone Generators

  • SmartStart™ Power Supply

    Available in sizes from 1.0 kW to 10.0 kW, our new compact power supplies are so small that our new 10 kW unit is packaged in a cabinet that formerly housed our 1 kW power supply that’s ten times the power in the same size cabinet! Yet, they include many of the same features and deliver the same high-caliber performance as our larger HFT Series units.

    LCT Series Power Supplies

  • Narrow Web

    Corotec extends the advantages of full-size corona treating systems to the narrow web industry, with modular, bolt-on units for simple in-line installation on every pres.

    Narrow Web

  • Nozone_Large

    Nozone® clears the air simply and efficiently with negative pressure flow.

    Nozone® Ozone Destruction

  • Plasma-Jet

    For improved bonding of inks, adhesives, and coatings, our Plasma-Jet® treats plastic and metal products with greater application flexibility, surface coverage, and speed.


  • Portable Sheet-Fed and Roll-to-Roll Treating System

    Corotec introduces a combination roll-to-roll and sheet-fed treating system with integral HFT-Series power supply, Power Density Control, and adjustable speed control, all pre-wired and mounted to a portable frame.

    Portable Treating System

  • The Corotec Power Density Control System. Your full-time quality control expert. Consistent Corona Treating Levels Regardless of Changes in the Line Speed, Web Width, or Materials.

    Power Density Control System

  • Pulsed-Plasma

    The NEW Corotec Pulsed-Plasma™ treating system is designed specifically for treating hard-to-reach surfaces of medical and other devices, such as the insides of the plastic hubs that hold hypodermic needles and dispensing nozzles, to allow superior adhesion of the hub to the nozzle.

    Pulsed-Plasma™ System

  • S-Type Power Supply Series

    The new S-Type Power Supply Series features an HMI touch screen display with data storage and communications capabilities, allowing it to integrate with the production line as well as upper level plant tracking and data storage.

    S-Type Power Supply Series

  • Widesheet

    Fully self-contained Uni-Dyne corona discharge sheet treating systems are available in power ratings from 500-5000 watts. They include a speed-adjustable or fixed-speed drive system and are the latest in what has become a continuous flow of equipment innovations from Corotec Corporation.

    Sheet Treating System

  • Tabletop Uni-Dyne RewindSheet Treating System

    Tabletop Uni-Dyne® Rewind/Sheet Treating System is a treating system that is capable of processing a wide variety of materials in both roll form as well as sheet-fed stock.

    Tabletop Uni-Dyne® System

  • FlexiDyne Universal Electrode Switch

    Corotec Uni-Dyne systems are easily configured to handle conventional, bare-roll, or convertible operations. The FlexiDyne Universal Electrode Switch comes standard on all of our convertible treating systems. It can be retrofitted to most existing Corotec equipment to allow simple toggling between bare-roll and conventional treating. This unique Corotec innovation allows for zero down-time job changeovers.

    Universal Electrode Switch

  • Versatile Electrode Designs
    First electrode with conventional, bare-roll and adjustable width capability in the same unit!


    Versatile Electrode Designs

  • Wide Web

    The new wide-web electrode eliminates problems of sagging and thermal expansion that can change the air gap between the electrode and material being treated, resulting in consistent treatment across the width of the material.

    Wide Web