Narrow Web

Corotec extends the advantages of full-size corona treating systems to the narrow web industry, with modular, bolt-on units for simple in-line installation on every pres.

Our NEW Uni-Dyne® narrow-web system offers unprecedented ease of installation and use. Never before has it been so easy to install a corona treating system on a narrow-web press, since the Uni-Dyne system comes with virtually everything already done for you – all you do is bolt it in place and add power! The Uni-Dyne system can also be supplied with our Power Density Control system already installed for you, right in the power supply module. With the innovative Uni-Dyne system, you get all the most desired features and options in a single, compact, easy-to-install package.

Our compact narrow-web treaters offer the operational and performance features of large systems, including stepless output power control, output metering, operating status lights, and interlock terminals. Also, the high-voltage transformer on some models does not require tap changes for load matching and can be located directly on the treating station end plate, eliminating the need for special high-voltage wire runs.

  • Compact cantilever design for easy installation.
  • 100% solid-state, 30 kHz power supply.
  • Treatment widths of 1″ to 30″ or more.
  • Line speed capability in excess of 1,200 feet per minute.
  • Electrodes for both conductive and nonconductive materials.
  • One- or two-side treatment in one pass.
  • Simple 120-volt operation from any standard outlet on systems 1 kW and below.
  • Application Assistance

We maintain a complete testing facility to evaluate your application characteristics and treatment requirements. We also provide installation and startup assistance, supplemented by on-site training for your company’s personnel.

First Choice of Press OEMs

Corotec corona discharge surface treating systems are supplied as original equipment by many of the most well known narrow-web press manufacturers, including:

  • Mark Andy
  • Rotopress
  • Gallus
  • Nilpeter
  • Webtron
  • AquaFlex

Their experts know what works best with their equipment, and who works best with their customers! For retrofit installations, you can’t go wrong by selecting the same equipment the OEMs prefer, and that’s Corotec.

Tech Specs

Model No. HFT-5 HFT-10 HFT-20
KW Rating 0.5 1 2
Volts * 120 120 240
Amps 6 11 11
PH 1 1 1
Freq. 50/60 50/60 50/60
Volts 100 100 200
Amps 17 35 35
PH 1 1 1
Freq. 30kHz 30kHz 30kHz
Pwr Supply 17H-15W-9D 20H-16W-8D 20H-16W-8D
HVT 9H-11W-9D 9H-11W-9D 12H-13W-14D
Pwr Supply 30 lbs 40 lbs 40 lbs
HVT 40 lbs 40 lbs 70 lbs


Bolt-On Retrofit Kits We supply complete field installation kits designed with your press, your installation ease, and your operating convenience in mind. Brackets and adapters are furnished for quick bolt-on addition of the treating station to any make and model of press. We can even supply the wire you need for power and control connections to the treater. Each station is engineered to integrate smoothly into its appropriate system, taking minimum space in an upstream, in-line position on your press.

Other input voltages can be accommodated.


  • Nozone® ozone destruction systems.
  • Dyne level test inks and pens.
  • Power Density Control assures optimum dyne level regardless of line speed.
  • Auto start/zero speed switch synchronizes treater operation with your press.