Portable Treating System | Corotec

Portable Treating System

Corotec introduces a combination roll-to-roll and sheet-fed treating system with integral HFT-Series power supply, Power Density Control, and adjustable speed control, all pre-wired and mounted to a portable frame.

This unique self-contained and portable corona discharge surface treating system is designed for processing a wide variety of materials in either sheet-fed or roll-to-roll format, and is an ideal platform for doing in-house testing in order to determine the effectiveness of corona discharge surface treatment on your materials.

The Corotec HFT-Series power supply is controlled either manually or by our Power Density Control which features automatic speed feedback to insure consistent treatment throughout the material run. The sheet feed and the roll drive are both variable speed and include a stepless control system and well as web tension control. The self-contained system is completely pre-wired and ready to run – just add incoming power and ozone exhaust and you’re ready to go!

Systems can be designed to handle virtually any material, speed, or width requirement. Contact us today with your material specifications and we will design a system exactly to suit your needs.

Features include:

  • HFT-Series Power Supply
  • Power Density Control
  • Adjustable Speed Control
  • Web Tension Adjustment
  • Complete and Pre-wired
  • Portable

We design and manufacture a complete line of standard and custom corona discharge surface treating equipment for narrow-web and wide web applications, as well as systems for controlled atmosphere treatment and a line of ozone generators for coating and laminating processes, and other advanced applications.