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Wire Treater


Manufacturers use corona and plasma-based Wire Treating Equipment to ensure that crucial characteristics of the wire – such as identification markings – will withstand extremely harsh environments.

A complete corona treatment system from Corotec includes three key components:

  • Power Supply with Integrated HMI and High-Voltage Transformer – As the name implies, the power supply delivers electricity to a high-voltage transformer, where power is amplified and passed to the corona treat station to generate a high-frequency corona discharge. The power supply is available from 500w up to 5kW and includes a built-in human-machine interface (HMI) that enables the corona system to fully automate and integrate into any corona treatment process while also serving as a central control station to regulate every step of the process.
  • Corona Treat Station – An electrode (or series of electrodes) generates a corona field inside a glass quartz tube. Wire passes through that tube, ensuring the entire circumference of the wire is treated evenly. Tube length varies depending on the adhesion properties required for the application and the production line speed—up to nearly 1,000 feet per minute. A second method used for wire treating without the gas environment, is to run the wire along side a linear electrode used to produce a corona field for treatment. Two electrodes are typically used for treating both sides of the wire.
  • Exhaust Blower – Ozone generated by the corona field is removed by the exhaust blower and maintains thermal stability.

Corotec is your trusted partner for Wire Treating Equipment customized to your specific application. Our engineering team will understand your product—size and type of wire to be treated, line speed, manufacturing environment, desired level of automation, and required specifications—to deliver a corona treating system that’s right for your purposes. Whether you need wire that will hold up against extreme heat or cold, can endure years underwater, or withstand other intense conditions, we can deliver a wire corona treater that achieves and retains the properties you require.

We understand the demanding specifications you must meet when manufacturing wire. All our products undergo extensive testing in our lab to make sure the equipment will produce the results you need. And, our equipment is designed to integrate seamlessly into your production line. 

Why Corona or Plasma-Treat Wire?

Wire is everywhere—in buildings, appliances, machinery, satellites, automobiles, airplanes. Corona treating helps the insulation coating adhere to wire and withstand the environment where it’s being used, whether it’s submerged in water or exposed to extreme temperatures. It also helps ensure that miles of wire snaked through the body of a plane or delivering power to your home can be accurately identified. Corona treatment optimizes ink adhesion so wire coating will hold printed markings that indicate safety-critical information, such as the voltage a wire can carry.

Features and Benefits

  • Power supply with intelligent HMI and ethernet communication provides central access to monitor and control operations and ensures consistency of the power level and corona field being delivered.
  • Tube design enables 360-degree treatment to maximize adhesive properties.
  • Wire control during the treatment process ensures the wire remains centered in the tube so the corona field is evenly distributed around the entire surface of the wire